Partners in Learning 2012 - best off third day

Educators' Competition

During the Forum it will take place an Innovative Educators’ Competition!

Through a series of progressively selective competitions at the country level, teachers around Europe will present their projects through a “Virtual Classroom Tour” that explains how they use technology in their teaching and how it impacts their student learning.  

If you have been selected for this Educators’ competition, you must create a Virtual Classroom Tour (VCT) and a short Video clip to be both uploaded in the Partners in Learning Network.
All Educators’ projects will be exhibited during the event and will be evaluated through virtual classroom tours, videos and interviews on site by judges.

About VCT
Virtual Classroom Tours enable educators to experience and reproduce the classroom successes of other educators through proven sets of learning tools, plans and practices of technology in the classroom.
Each tour features a learning project that has been used in real life and includes: an overview of the learning project, a background and planning documents and an Educator resources.

To create and upload your VCT:
• Download the VCT Template here
• Use this naming convention for your VCT: “Country Name_Educator Name_ VCT Title”.
• VCT must be in ENGLISH and COMPLETE.
• Download the Upload instructions here

About Video
The purpose of this video is to put into action what is presented in the VCT and will be helpful for the judges and all participants to get to know your innovative project.

• The video should not be longer than 90 seconds and no bigger than 100MB.
• Be creative and have fun doing these videos.
• The video do not need to be professionally developed.
• Download the Upload instructions here

Please be aware that VCT AND VIDEO must be uploaded until March, 8th, otherwise they will not be part of the competition!

About Exhibition
All Educators will be required to exhibit their project during the Forum.  
Be creative, be informative and fun! Entertain and enthrall your peers!  Use video and pictures to communicate your message.

Here are the specifics:

Booth size
• Download here

For each booth will be provided a sign with the project name, author and country. 



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