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Education Leaders Briefing - Shape the Future Envision Workshop in Lisbon, Portugal on March, 22nd 2012 at the FIL Exhibition Center.

The aim of this event is to gather education leaders who are interested in the state of education and the shape that it will take in the coming years. We will address challenging topics, such as utilizing innovation to achieve social inclusion, and discuss the challenges and needs of incorporating ICT into student curricula and teacher training.

An educated population is the one natural resource that increases in value as it increases in size. Education is critical to the long-term global competitiveness of Europe and is therefore placed highly on political agenda across Europe. But can Europe keep its leading position in education? Or will we be overrun by other regions which have taken the full step on technology integrated education with strong visions for 21st Century learning?

While the educational benefits of ICT in education reform have been widely acknowledged, Europe has not fully capitalized on its ICT potential and will have to put greater emphasis on the use of ICT in schools in order to maintain a leading position. At Microsoft, we believe that education reform for the next century cannot be achieved without the support of technology, which can help students acquire the knowledge and skills that will support their success as adults and foster creativity and innovation for a more competitive Europe.

The Education Leaders Briefing will be part of the Partners in Learning European Forum. At the Forum 250 teachers, school leaders and education leaders from more than 45 countries will meetfor an action-packed 3 days of education workshops, inspiring networking events, awards, and announcements by Microsoft.

Joice Fernandes
Microsoft Corporation WW Senior Director, Shape the Future



Wednesday, 21st March

20:00-23:00    Optional Welcome Dinner (TBD)    

Thursday, 22nd March

09:00-09:20    Welcome and introduction – Scope of the Day
                          Joice Fernandes, Microsoft WW Senior Director, Shape the Future

09:20-09:40    Why Digital Access matter, introduction
                          Mário Franco, President of Mobile Communications Foundation, Portugal
                          Bruce Dixon, Anytime Anywhere Learning, Australia

09:40-11:00    Why Digital Access matter  
                          José Canavarro, Professor at University of Coimbra, Portugal
                          Konstantinos Doukas, Greece
                          Tommy Soerensen from Denmark

                          Panel and workgroup discussion 50 min
                          Greg Butler, senior director, Microsoft Global Education

11:00-11:30    Coffee break     

11:30-12:10    What Changes in a Digital Classroom
                          Rui Lima, Teacher from Portugal
                          Ovidio Barelo, Teacher from Spain
                          Jerker Porat, Swedish teacher
                          KrestenThorndahl, student from Denmark
                          Isabel Solana Domínguez, from Spain

12:10-13:00    Panel and workgroup discussion 50 min.
                          Greg Butler, senior director, Microsoft Global Education

13:00-14:15    Lunch    

14:15-15:00    Implementing IT in schools is not an IT project 
  Konstantinos Doukas, Greece
                          Anders Pilgaard, Denmark
                          Mário Franco, President of Mobile Communications Foundation, Portugal

15:00-15:45    Panel and workgroup discussion
                         Greg Butler, senior director, Microsoft Global Education

15:45-16:00    Coffee break    

16:00-16:30    How can Digital Inclusion have a wider Economic Impact in a country
                          Portuguese Secretary of State of Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Innovation (tbc)

16:30-16:45    Thank you for today 
                          Dan Baelum, director, Shape the Future

19:00-23:00    Forum Closing Dinner (optional)
                          at Convento do Beato, Lisbon


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