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Bajame Allmeta – Albania

ICT Expert in E-education, Department of ICT in Education & Statistics

Coordination, implementation, monitoring various projects in field of ICT, in the framework of Excellence and Equity Education, as well as other projects undertaken by MoES with local and international partners


Ruth Sattler – Austria

Ruth Sattler worked 30 years as a freelancer in the area of graphic design, marketing and advertisement, before starting in the field of teacher training and project management on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, the Arts and Culture.

Emil Mammadov – Azerbaijan

Emil Mammadov is managing an organization called Madad Azerbaijan which promotes active learning principles through teacher training activities. Madad works mainly with teachers, school principals and educators, supporting them to integrate active teaching and learning skills into everyday school programs.

Emil has been a judge at two European Innovative Education Forums (Berlin, 2010 and Moscow in 2011).

Aida Arnautović – Bosnia & Herzegovina

One of establishers of Diploma Programme  in Drugagimnazija Sarajevo and teacher of Computer Science in this Programme

Establisher of Middle Years Programme in Drugagimnazija Sarajevo ( first and still only  School which offers this Programme in B&H)

2003- up to present: Principal of Drugagimnazija Sarajevo

Rumiana Papancheva - Bulgaria

Rumyana Papancheva is a specialist in technologies integrated teaching and learning. She graduated Computer Sciences and obtained Ph.D. degree in mathematics and mathematical modeling from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Anastasia Economou – Cyprus

Head of the Educational Technology Department at the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (CPI, Ministry of Education and Culture) since 2005.

Anastasia received her BSc in Elementary Education from Boston University in 1993, her Master’s degree in Educational Media and Computers from Arizona State University in 1994 and her MBA degree from the University of Cyprus in 2008. She was a visiting scholar at the University of California in Los Angeles in 1999 and at the University of California in Berkeley in 2010.

Birte Peulicke – Denmark

Birte Peulicke is permanently employed as a Senior Consultant at University College, UCC, in the Department of International Relations, Denmark. She is also President of the European Schools Projects Association, an association she has been involved with since 2001, when she attended her first ESP conference in Malmo, Sweden.

Merja Narvo-Akkola – Finland

MerjaNarvo-Akkola (M.Ed.) has over ten years of experience as a principal in a multicultural environment with special education and language immersion. Throughout her career she has had a strong emphasis on the development of schools and educational leadership.

Mai-Lien Nguyen-Duy

Mai-Lien has a MA from Sciences Po Paris and worked first as an intern in the non- governmental organization created by Martin Hirsch “ANSA” (Agence Nouvelle des Solidarités Actives) where she supported the implementation of the “Housing first” policy.

Thierry De Vulpillieres – France

Thierry Vulpillières holds a master’s degree in Philosophy from the University Paris Sorbonne and is currently the Partners in Learning director for France. He has published a paper about ICT in education in the Technology Review and the French Psychology Society.

Jutta Schneider – Germany

As a project manager and trainer at Helliwood media & education (, Jutta is part of a creative team of educators, concept developers, IT experts, designers and editors that develop innovative solutions for trends and new developments in the field of technology and learning.  

John N. Kazazis – Greece

Chair, National Educational Council of Greece, For Primary and Secondary Education.

Professor of Classical Philology in the Department of Philology since 1992, served as its Chair 1994-1998. Since 1994, Deputy Director, and now President, of the Centre for the Greek Language (CGL), the Lexicography Division of which he organized and continues to direct.

Simos Retalis – Greece

Associate Professor. Department of Digital Systems, University of Piraeus

Director of the CoSyLlab (Computer Supported Learning Engineering Laboratory) research group

Tibor Prievara – Hungary

Main activities: ICT coordinator, language teacher.

Victor McNair – Ireland

Senior lecturer at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland where he is responsible for Postgraduate Technology and Design students at the University’s Jordanstown campus.

Licia Cianfriglia – Italy


Licia is currently covering the role of VP at the ANP (the Principal National Association and Government influencer in Edu Market) promoting all the activities that help to improve the teaching quality into the education world and acting as orchestrator of them.

Inita Juhņēviča– Latvia

Deputy Director of General Education Department – Ministry of Education and Science

Responsible for developing the general education policy of Latvia in line with European context

Secondary Inspector of European Schools , responsible for monitoring the performance of European Schools (in Brussels, Luxembourg etc.)

Frank van den Oetelaar – Netherlands

About 25 years ago, Frank van den Oetelaar started his career as a primary school teacher. When the first computers were introduced into the classroom in the 1990s, he was convinced ICT would create a revolution in education. Twelve years ago he started his own company as a consultant on Education and ICT.

Artur Rudnicki – Poland


Arthur is An ICT teacher at Radom Technical School. In the years 2005-2011 he co-organized national and international conferences "Renewable Energy", in which he participated in the work of the jury for the junior high school students and schools.

Fernando Campos – Portugal

Fernando Campos has a university degree in Telecommunications Systems and Electronics Engineering from Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (Lisbon Higher Institute for Engineering).

Gabi Barna – Romania

Gabriela Barna established the EOS Romania Foundation in1998 with a vision for growing the use of ICT in Romania.

Mihaela Garabet – Romania


Mihaela is teaching Physics and ICT in high school from Bucharest. She has a PhD in Physics  (Educational Physics) and a Master Degree in ICT in Education.
She is a teacher trainer in what concerns the use of ICT in teaching and learning activities and co-author of Physics Handbooks and where is always trying to include ICT facilities.

Elena Shimutina - Russia

Diplomas in Mathematics, Psychology, Moscow State University, Management, ICT in Education, MBA.
Laureate of the RF President Award in the field of education.

Eleonora Vlahovic – Serbia


Eleonora is a senior advisor in the Institute for the Improvement of Education and a psychologist with more than 20 years of her life invested in improvement of education.

Ivan Kalaš – Slovakia

Ivan Kalas is the head of the Department of Informatics Education at Comenuis University where he leads educational research and mentors doctoral students in the field of technology-enhanced learning. For more than 15 years, Kalas has concentrated on developing educational software for children and students of all ages, the complex digital literacy of future teachers and constructionist enhancements of learning processes through digital technologies.

Ovidio Barcelo Hernandez – Spain

Ovidio Barcelo Hernandez has been IT coordinator at the Julio Verne School for the last 7 years, being responsible of the training and the technical support of the school.  

Bo Jansson – Sweden

Vice president of the National Union of Teachers in Sweden, and is also a member of the Education International Pan-European Committee and ETUCE Executive Board. Jansson holds a University degree in Social Science and History as well as a teacher education qualification. Bo served as a judge at the European Innovative Educators Forum in Berlin in 2010 and the Worldwide Innovative Education Forums in Cape Town and Washington.

José Luis Ramos - Portugal


José Luís Ramosis an Associate Professor of the University of Évora in the area of ICT in Education and a Senior Researcher at the CIEP – Center for Research in Education and Psychology.

Elena Shimutina - Russia

Elena is a Vice Principal, Head of ICT Department and a leader of the school project team at the High School “Tsaritsyno”. This school was originally a Pathfinder School and is now a Mentor School.

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