Partners in Learning 2012 - best off third day

Eleonora Vlahovic – Serbia


Eleonora is a senior advisor in the Institute for the Improvement of Education and a psychologist with more than 20 years of her life invested in improvement of education.

She is also the coordinator in programs for improvement of teaching through active learning and critical thinking, national curriculum for primary and secondary schools, national standards for improvement of K12 textbooks, national program for improvement of evaluation of student achievements and grading, coordinator of program for professional orientation of students etc. She started her work as psychologist in a high school, advising teachers on their approach to teaching, and students on the various aspects of their life in school and outside of the school. She is a distinguished and influential member of the Serbian Society of Psychologists.

Eleonora is also a coordinator of Serbian Innovative Teachers Forum for school year 2011/2012, having this duty for the first time, by the appointment of the director of the Institute for the Improvement of Education.

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