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John N. Kazazis – Greece

Chair, National Educational Council of Greece, For Primary and Secondary Education.

Professor of Classical Philology in the Department of Philology since 1992, served as its Chair 1994-1998. Since 1994, Deputy Director, and now President, of the Centre for the Greek Language (CGL), the Lexicography Division of which he organized and continues to direct.

Visiting Professor at the Universities of Maryland (College Park) and Illinois (UIUC). Research Coordinator at the Center for the Historical Lexikon of the Academy of Athens (1989-94).

Many publications both in the field of classical philology (epic, lyric poetry, the epigram, Herodotus, Demosthenes, ancient Greek prose) and in that of electronic lexicography (Concordances to Makriyannis, Seferis, and others). At the CGL, he directs the editing team for the Kriaras Dictionary of Medieval Vulgar Greek Literature 1100-1669 (to date, five volumes) and is also working on D.J. Georgacas’s A Modern Greek-English Dictionary (to date, one volume [A]). He has organized international lexicographic conferences in Thessaloniki. He has also published Greek Studies in Europe from the Renaissance to the Late 20th Century (CGL, 2007).

He organized and directs “JASON”, a research and support program sponsored by the University of Thessaloniki that has assisted Departments of Greek at 16 universities throughout the Black Sea region, thereby contributing to the resurgence of Modern Greek Studies in this area.  

In the field area of language teaching using New Technologies, he has organized in collaboration with D. Koutsogiannis three electronic work environments for the CGL, each of which promotes the Greek language internationally: “Komvos” ( (since 2000); “The Greek Language Portal” (www.greek-language) (since 2008), and “Fryktories” ( (since 2002).

For the schools of the Hellenic American Education Foundation (HAEF), one of Greece’s leading educational institutions, he has created in collaboration with Nikos Fekos and Marietta Fallierou a Course Management System (CMS) on the basis of Microsoft’s Sharepoint, an electronic work environment for 450 teachers and 3,500 students. This CMS has now been adopted as the prototype for the Greek “digital school system”, which is currently being actively promoted by the Greek government. On the basis of this, the School was named Pathfinder School (2010/2011) and Mentor School (2011/12), in Microsoft’s prestigious world-wide program “Partners in Learning”.

In October 2010, he was appointed Chair of the Greek National Educational Council for Primary and Secondary Education (SPDE), the highest advisory organ to the Minister of Education.

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