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Lisbon International Airport (Portela) is located close to the city centre and just 5-10 minutes transfer to most the Forum official hotels.
The Airport is served by daily direct flights operated by the traditional airlines as well as by many of the low cost companies operating in Europe.

Public Transportation
The joint fleet of the two public transportation companies Carris (buses and trams) and Metro (underground) covers the entire city with regular bus and tram routes as well as underground lines.

The city is served by 3,500 taxis, and a taxi ride from the airport to the city centre should cost between € 8 and € 15. The usual urban taxi fares are: Day: 2.00 € + 0.40 €/km Telephone booking: 0.80 € Night, weekend and holidays: 2.50 € + 0.48 €/km Taxis are widely used by the locals, and in comparison to the taxi fares in other countries, the Lisbon taxis are still to be considered a rather inexpensive means of transportation.

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