Partners in Learning 2012 - best off third day

JP Sá Couto sponsoring the Forum

JP Sá Couto will be present and sponsoring Microsoft Partners in Learning European Forum, in Lisbon from 19th to 22nd of March.

“Present in all five continents, serving 60 countries, and with more than 3 million Intel Classmate netbooks distributed since 2008, JP Sá Couto owns an ever growing project to enhance human development through technology.

The collaboration with projects like the Magellan program in Portugal, the Ceibal Plan in Uruguay, the program Conectar Igualdad in Argentina and the Canaima initiative in Venezuela is now recognized by Learning Without Frontiers Organization, with the award for “Primary and Pre-School Innovation”.

This prize, delivered at the LWF Free Festival 2012, celebrates JP Sá Couto’s impact on improving the education of the youngest.”

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